Sunday, 15 August 2010


Ooh, more lovely flowers and herbs from the garden. What can you see? Fuchsia, rocket, basil mint, spearmint, acer, St John's wort, herb Robert, and various other things that I don't recognise. How lovely.

So, after the excitement of the week's birthday celebrations, it's been a fairly mellow weekend. I've been writing, and writing, and tearing my hair out, and writing some more, but we won't talk about that, oh no, let's talk about cheery things instead.

Like bunting, Cheerful Orange Campervan Bunting, to be precise. Because at the market on Thursday, I found this material, and it was just crying out to be made into bunting, and I know someone who has the Most Gorgeous orange VW camper van, and who will very much enjoy receiving some surprise bunting in the post.

Just *how* difficult is it to take pictures of bunting?? I only ever seem to be able to do it dropped in a pile on the floor. Shall we call it an artistic pile?? Yes, why not.

And while I'm feeling artistic, here's another entirely unnecessary frivolous project I've started this weekend. This is the little draw I keep my seed packets in.

You can't quite see, but it says Cheery Seeds on the front, so you know what's in there. And inspired by a friend who's covering an entire table in pictures of flowers, I thought it needed a few vegetables stuck on it.

So here we are, half way through, because I didn't quite finish sticking the bits on and then got distracted doing something else. But that's ok, because now I can look forward to finishing it later in the week!

And what I got distracted by was, er, ferreting around in the compost bin.

Yep, digging in the compost bin, trying to see if there was actually any compost in there - which there was! I don't know why I was surprised. I didn't actually manage to dig any of it out, and I really *must* learn to crush up my eggshells a bit smaller, and *not* put whole cardboard egg boxes in there...

Anyway, look carefully at that bit of the garden, just in front of the front-door-that-we-don't-use. It's in for a bit of a makeover in the next few months. I must confess to *not* enjoying that tree very much at all, and since we don't use the front door at all, there's no point having a path to it from the pavement. So there's plans afoot, and oh how I love Plotting and Planning! And this Plotting and Planning is going to other people, possibly even *paying* other people (shocking!), and eventually, hopefully, a little table and chairs for breakfast, and picnics, and tea and cake, and evening eating and entertaining out in the garden. Can't wait!

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  1. What a lovely pile of bunting!

    And I love the drawer you are using for your seed storage. It looks like the perfect thing to use. I just have mine is a plastic "shoe" box, but I am going to keep my eyes out for a drawer like yours. I use a coffee or tea tray to lay the packets out on and carry them outside with me to plant. It makes it easier for me to just take out the ones I need and not the whole box. Then I can have my scissors and tape, plant markers and pen all on one tray to go out to the garden.

    And on to the "hair pulling". From your little profile photo, it looks like your hair is long and strong and will stand up to the pulling during your writing. Hang in there! I am sending positive vibes your way. Emily