Sunday, 22 August 2010


Guess where I went yesterday? That's right, a wedding. It's something I do none too often these days, and I must say I'm generally not a big fan of weddings, but this one really was something special.

Anything that involves a picnic up on a hillside, a quiet simple ceremony under a tree, beautiful vows to listen to each other, and be present with each other, a most excellent selection of food, and cakes (and rings!) made by the bride and groom themselves.

And plenty of tea, of course, because you can't have a picnic without a flask of tea.

I'm exhausted today, but there's plenty to be done, and the sun's shining, so everything seems more possible somehow. There's cards to be made today, and knitting to do (it's Sooooooooo nearly finished!), and a party to toddle off to later.

Is it toooooooo crazy to want to wear my cardi to the party?? I'm leaving at 7pm, so that gives me, er, four and a half hours.

Perhaps if I abandoned the washing? And the cleaning? And the work?? I might just be able to squeeze it in then....

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