Tuesday, 27 July 2010

in the garden

butterfly on the spearmint

the entire garlic harvest

sweet peas! finally!

I've not been out in the garden much lately, but it does all seem to be carrying on rather well without me. We're eating rocket every day, and we could be eating courgettes every day if we wanted to as well. It's looking like we might get some broad beans, there's a couple of tomatoes growing, and there's plenty of chard to go round all and sundry.

I really will have to be a bit more organised next year though. I planted quite a lot of garlic, but it all seems to have, erm, got lost under the geraniums, and one bulb was all I could find. The sweet peas have rewarded my haphazard style of gardening though - I planted them out months ago, mourned a tiny bit when they didn't grow, and then gave them up for dead, only to have them sneak up on me and start blooming this weekend. I do like surprises like that!

So this week in the garden I've got a basil to nurse back to health (which I seem to have inadvertently made *worse* - it was perfectly healthy when it arrived...), and a redcurrant to plant somewhere in the garden, which suddenly seems to be rather full. I'm also plotting a 'feature' outside the kitchen window, which needs to stay quite clear and low to the ground to keep the neighbourhood cats away from the bird table. I've had an inspiration, but as so often my mind is far more capable than my hands, I might keep my mouth shut about this one til I've tried it...


  1. Hi- your photos are great. It is fun to take little strolls with you. Some of the sights you see in your days are so much different from the things I see in my day (both beautiful, just in different ways) The ones in common are some plants and veg.

    Ahhh basil. One of my favorites. I just snipped a whole dishpan full and made pesto yesterday. Froze most of it. I am a bit behind in the pesto making. I just didn't plant enough this spring.

    Can't wait to see the outside "feature" you are dreaming up. Should be fun!!

    Emily in South Texas

  2. Do you have a blog with your photos on Emily? I'd love to see it if you do! I haven't got nearly enough basil to make pesto here sadly, I don't think it's warm enough outside, I've only ever managed to grow it on the windowsill, and even then not keep it alive very long! This one is from a supermarket, so I'll separate all the little plants into new pots, but not sure how long they'll live for...