Tuesday, 20 July 2010

a little stroll

a little gem of a sandwich shop

'the quiet place'

round the edge of the lake

I was all a bit hot and bothered at work yesterday, so I took myself off for a little stroll around and about, because it's always good to know the outside bits of where you work as well as the inside...

And to my delight, I discovered a most excellent little sandwich shop, selling all kinds of goodies, groaning shelves set into old brick walls, organic fruit and veg, and lots of yummy sandwiches and hand made cakes, just up the road from the office. This might just test my resolve of making lunch to take with me...

This week I'm mostly concentrating on finishing off a PhD chapter, so there isn't much time for cheery making and baking and gardening and things. I did manage to put up a little honeysuckle fence in the garden though, and tonight I'm making some blackcurrant jam. Tomorrow night I'm due to do some gardening for a woman in our local LETS scheme, but if it carries on raining like this I suspect she'll call it off.

In amongst all the writing and computer-screen-staring though, I'm trying to plot a few cheery things for when this chapter ends. On Thursday we're off for a departmental day out at work, which I'm very much looking forward to. My mum and auntie are visiting at the weekend (oops, best fix the hoover and do a bit of tidying then!). I might even sweep the garden, you never know!

Hmm, and a little knitting needle investigating is in order too, or else I'm never going to have a finished cardigan to show you. So many things to do!

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