Saturday, 17 July 2010

eating from the garden

Well, I have to say, the garden's carrying on pretty well without me these days. Yes, it could do with some weeding, and a bit of tidying up, and yes, the cabbages on the windowsill could probably do with planting in the ground, but other than that, it's all going to plan.

Not that we've been able to give up food shopping or anything! I'm sure our garden could be far more productive given the time and energy on my part - which I just don't have right now. So for the time being, it's just ticking along nicely, and every so often we get a cheery little surprise for dinner.

These peppers have been growing on the living room windowsill. I bought the plant for 50p a couple of years ago, and last year got one small pepper. Then it looked like it had died, but I carried on watering it, because you just never know. This year we've had three peppers! It doesn't look like there'll be any more, and again, the plant looks like it's on its last legs, but I'll keep watering it, and who knows what will happen next year!

Anyway, we ate these all in one go, with some tasty cheese, and home grown rocket, all rolled up in, er, pancakes, which must be on the list of most-often-eaten food in this house.

I'll pop out into the garden later today to investigate what other edible treats are in the making... Hope you're getting something tasty from the garden too!


  1. Hello,thankyou for the lovely message you left on my blog.I have enjoyed your blog,and will be back, how about that little pepper plant it must know you love it!!I loved the pics on your other pics in your older one looks so lovely, I visited your country twice and i will be back,I love your car boot sales lol and just the beauty and oldness of your and blessings Carole.

  2. Good morning. I just followed your link from Down-to-Earth to see where you lived! I see you're near Sheffield - where my eldest daughter went to Uni and carries on living with her boyfriend (though they are probably upping sticks in the autumn).