Sunday, 25 April 2010


Ooh, it's the weekend again, and what a lovely one it's been! Lazing on the sofa in the sunshine under a stripey crocheted blanket, home made bread, tea and cake and a small treat at a local market, a visit from a school friend and her fella (hello Heather!), a good long natter and some scones, and a wedding!

There's also been a bit of finishing off of some bits of work, starting of others, and the start of some preparations for Tuesday's Birthday Tea Party! I'm very excited :) Just need to convince myself that spending the whole of your 30th birthday making and eating cakes is a worthwhile use of time... I'm pretty much convinced!

It's been a weekend of turning things on and off here too. I've acquired an energy owl from our local library, and have started to monitor our electricity use. Turns out we use less than average, but still more than I'd like! I'll be posting more about this soon when we've made some changes.

And there's also been a fair bit of plotting and scheming - with only three days (!) left at my current job (spread over the next three weeks), there's plans to be made for s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g money over to the end of June when I'll first be paid for my new job. And I'm also trying to squeeze in a small trip to the Lake District to visit some friends. Doable, but requires a fair amount of thrifty ingenuity, which fortunately I'm getting rather good at.

Right, must get out and enjoy the last hour or two of sunshine. Hope you're doing something similar :)

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