Friday, 2 April 2010


OK, so this is a little late, but I've just about got it in before this weekend...

Last weekend I went on a little train journey to my sister's house, for my eldest nephew's fourth birthday. Four! Goodness me. I haven't travelled by train much in the last couple of years, and if I'm not in a rush, it really does feel like a treat. My train was actually cancelled, but I had my knitting, and my notebook, and spent a quiet hour bundled up in the sunshine, watching the trains and the people coming and going, and doing a little bit of plotting and planning. And isn't knitting on the train just the most marvellous thing? Ooh, I do enjoy it.

We had ever such a lovely messy time running about in the garden, eating, making a chocolate easter egg (more chocolate than you'd imagine goes into those things!), and generally hanging around. And can you see in that last picture? That's the latest one of my hand made creations - a magnetic fishing game, not at all sophisticated, and definitely more 'home made' than 'hand made', but still jolly good fun. Although I can't help thinking it would have benefited from an octopus or two...

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