Friday, 9 April 2010

a nice cup of tea cheers you up

Not that I need much cheering up right now, mind you, but this has been a rather tea-related week. I finished the stripey knitted tea cosy I'd been making for a friend, and I have to say it really is quite adorable, I almost couldn't give it away. Another one needed soon I think, I enjoyed making it, it was easy, fun, simple to do in front of a film, stripey, squishy, and the end product is fun and cheery - all good ingredients for a knitting project in my book! The pattern was a really simple old pattern for 'Three Tea Cosies made from Copley's "Speedinit" Wool' (price 2d if that gives you a clue to how old it is!), and the pom pom? Well, that page of the pattern had fallen off, so we had to do some good, old fashioned googling to figure out the finer details. All good stuff.

Anyway, all the thinking about tea, and the fact that I didn't get round to making hot cross buns, inspired a kind of spicy-cinnamony-bread-roll thing last Monday, and very nice it was too. Just a plain white bread recipe which I've been making a lot of lately, then I heated a bit of water, sugar and spices in a pan, rolled out the dough, spread over the mixture and a handful of sultanas, rolled up, and spread the rest of the mix on the top. Wasn't too sweet, and went very nicely indeed with a cuppa.

That last picture has nothing to do with anything really, it just was a Very Nice Cup of Tea in a cafe in Hebden Bridge last weekend. The kind of cafe where all the mugs are different, tea is 70p, no fancy pastries or tablecloths. Perfect.

I'm looking forward to an extremely leisurely, pottering couple of days this weekend, this week I seem to have been jumping from one thing to another, so I'm planning on a bit of gardening, sewing, finishing off work on my voluntary project, catching up on emails, a bit of cleaning and tidying (but not much), and a fair bit of general loafing around. I might even get chance to do a bit of a gardening update too.


  1. I really like your tea cosy. I wish I used a tea pot, you could have made me one. Mum x

  2. You can always start using a tea pot! Or I've seen little tiny ones made into egg cosies if you'd rather one of those... :)