Sunday, 11 April 2010


I've noticed recently that my weekend posts are starting to fall into a bit of a familiar pattern. Look, there's the new bunch of (reduced) flowers in the kitchen, the baked goodies (a very nice lemon sponge in this case), a view from out and about (some 'meringue shapes' from the window of the bakery - meringue snowmen at Christmas that have beaks added for easter, and icing sheets draped over to become ghosts at Halloween), some sewing (looking remarkably pink and flowery, don't know what came over me, in my defence it's made from two 50p cotton pillow cases, and there's plenty left over - not much of a defence I know), and a nice bit of sitting and reading - in the garden for the first time this year!

There's also been some mending (of the hoover in this case), some cleaning (er, hoovering), some sorting (of the drawer full of essential oils - or rather empty bottles), some socialising (at the Women's Institute, of course, and in the pub), and a fair bit of loafing around. I'm really rather coming to enjoy weekends like these, especially when the weeks in between are so busy.

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  1. Love these pictures -- sounds like a lovely weekend!

    Hearth Cricket