Sunday, 28 February 2010


Mmm, tasty scones. And a lovely new cake stand, that up to now has only held toy cars. Obviously that had to be rectified, and a visit from Peter's sister seemed as good an excuse as any to fill it up. In fact, Peter made these scones - he is a most excellent scone-maker indeed, and the were very tasty.

A week of mostly work here, and most of the time I've been at home has been in the dark, so mostly no photos. But things are ticking along nicely, lists are being crossed off, goals are being met, sewing is slowly getting done, money is being put to good use, the PhD is being worked on, voluntary projects are underway, running shoes are regularly being used, and jobs are being applied for (and I have an interview next week, yes, an interview! But don't tell anyone, I'm trying not to get too excited...).

Writing that I've realised I haven't yet done a post about goals for the year - and in some ways it seems rather dry to just list them! But I'll post soon about the kinds of goals I have, and the way I'm going about making sure they're getting achieved.

But first, a cup of tea and a scone, I think.

Although perhaps before that, I should deal with the product of yesterday afternoon's rainy jaunt to the stables...


  1. Those scones look fabulous! Good Luck on your interview!!!! I'm sure you'll do great! Nerves are pretty horrid aren't they?! (((hugs)))

  2. Thanks - I had to edit my post as I hadn't mentioned Peter made the scones, not me! And they were indeed fab. Nerves are rubbish indeed, but deep breaths and cups of tea, and we'll triumph.