Saturday, 13 February 2010

Today I am...

:: relaxing, with a couple of old National Trust magazines from the charity shop, a hand made blueberry muffin from the Women's Institute country market, and a cuppa. Peter painted the mug for me for Christmas, it says "a nice cup of tea cheers you up", which we once saw written near the mugs in a charity shop, and which we say at last three times a day. Each.

:: imagining what I'm going to do with this gorgeous old pink and white swirly sheet that came home with me today. It's so grey today, I don't think the photo conveys just have swirly and fabulous it is, so you'll just have to take my word for it.

:: pondering, whether this ludicrously remelted rusty-looking soap I made should have been binned, whether it's usable, and whether it's time to replace the sugar thermometer I broke, meaning I had to guess not only the measurements to make this soap, but also the temperature.

:: admiring, this charming little mug I couldn't resist for 30p this morning. It's probably a bit small to be used as an actual mug, so I think it's going to live in the attic with me, and be filled with ribbons and Nice Things.

I'm also resting after a week of being poorly, popping round to a friend's house later, and perhaps doing a tiny bit of sewing. Just right for a grey and drizzly weekend I think!

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