Saturday, 20 February 2010

Street treasures

I can't resist picking up things I find in the street, I just can't. I've always done it. Turns out, I'm a complete amateur compared to Peter. He's got drawers full of things he found in the street, and they occasionally get made into displays and put on walls.

So when I got up yesterday morning to find an intriguing assortment of things on the coffee table, I realised what had happened.

Would you like a tour? It's all colour coded. First up are the green things, headed by a rather fetching plastic octopus.

And here we have the yellow corner - I love the badge, and what game has that castle card come from?

Oops, a fiver seems to have sneaked into the blue section. Might have to rescue that before it gets glued to something else.

Look at the dalek badge!

Aha, the shiny things. We've got so many single earrings in this house it's beyond silly. Most of them hang on a branch in the kitchen. These look like they're on the way to being made into something.

And finally, a few badges. I love the bizarrely random nature of badges you find in the street.

So there we are. That served absolutely no purpose whatsoever other than to amuse me and show you a bit of colourfulness and the cheery things you can find in the street. I once remember going to an academic conference where a woman had taken 500 photos of her hall table, and was trying to think of something to do with them. Perhaps I'm turning into her?

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  1. That is amazing. I've always been a Womble but what a nice idea to actually make the items work together.