Sunday, 24 May 2009

A gorgeous pottering day

The Sunday of a bank holiday weekend always feels like a spare day somehow. No work yesterday, and none tomorrow. I can always relax more on these Sundays than other days. And so today, I've had a lovely pottering day, getting things done, doing nothing at all, and it's been great.

First up this morning was some washing. I've been hankering after an outside washing line for some time, but because the garden's so small, and right next to the pavement, it was proving to be a bit difficult. Today I hit on the highly technical idea of taking the airer into the garden. Not really ideal - nobody stole our sheets, but the whole thing did topple forwards into the veg bed. No harm done though, and now I have sheets that smell of sunshine, which has got to be one of the greatest things in the world. 

It's been so warm and sunny today, I just had to spend most of the day in the garden. When I'm not out there, I wonder how there can possibly be so much to do in such a small space. When I'm out there, I wonder how I'll ever get it all done. 

We did a bit of food shopping this morning (while the washing was toppling into the flower beds), and I picked up these marigolds.

They're supposed to be good for keeping unwanted beasties off other plants. I have no idea at all if they work, but they're pretty anyway, and it's worth a try. There were 12 little plants, so I've dotted them all around the garden, which is now looking rather colourful. I'm not holding out much hope of them keeping the slugs off my cabbages, but you never know... 

Last week I planted out the cabbages and half of the courgette plants. I've allowed a few extra of everything in case it all gets eaten by slugs and snails, but the broad beans are ALL growing - we're going to be eating a LOT of them this year! The courgettes will probably do the same, and I'll have to make huge batches of courgette chocolate cake (no shame there though). I thought it was about time I planted some new seeds to replace those now moved from the windowsill into the garden. I've planted basil, sweetcorn, pumpkin, and some fabulous walking stick kale, which I probably don't have room for (same as the pumpkins) but which I just couldn't resist. 

I also planted a few more lettuce seeds. I'd love to at least get all our salad from the garden later in the summer, and the lettuce I planted out into the garden was eaten overnight. The ones in the pots are doing well though, so I've started another pot. I harvested some of the lettuce, along with some of the perpetual spinach that's nearly as tall as me, for a salad with baked potatoes for tea this evening. I've been cutting the bigger spinach leaves and cooking them, thinking they were too bitter for salad, but the really small ones right at the top of the plant are actually quite sweet and cheery.

Another project of the weekend is this shawl that I found in a charity shop on Saturday morning. 

I had grand ideas of unravelling it and making it into something soft and lovely to wear - but after about an hour and a half unravelling, all I had was a pile of tassels and a ball of wool about the size of a walnut. The pattern's so complicated it's tied itself in knots, and the wool is really hairy and sticks to itself. So I might need to rethink that one! 

All in all, a lovely day indeed. Here's hoping for another one tomorrow. 

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