Monday, 18 May 2009

A cheery squirrel

I dropped my camera not so long ago, and now it's playing up a bit. (Ok, so I dropped it a few times and now the back's held on with masking tape). 

One problem it now has is that it keeps taking videos instead of pictures - mostly very short videos of the camera moving to the floor as I've realised what it's done. 

Yesterday morning though, Peter was trying to get a picture of the squirrel that visits our bird table early in the morning, and managed to accidentally take this video instead. It's very typically squirrelly :) 

Ok, so it's not quite upright. But a squirrel looks the same whichever way up it is, so you can use your imagination, and I'll try to get to grips with the technology before the next exciting garden video installment. 

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