Wednesday, 20 January 2010

A purple flower border rug

Well, can't you just tell I've gone back to work? No posts for over a week!

Still, I'm here now, and bringing a Christmas present success story!

Remember back in August when I mentioned my Mum had asked for a rag rug for by her bed? Well, I finally got round to making it. In December.

A couple of old purple-ish sheets, a large piece of hessian, a blunt pencil (and a shaped dolly peg when I finally found it), and so, so SO many hours sat on the sofa bodging and bodging and bodging, and finally it was done!

And rather fetching, I thought!

I started with quite a dark purple, and rather than going in rows or anything sensible, bodged a nice swirly pattern over the whole hessian. Which promptly got lost when I started filling in the gaps - you can see it nicely on the back, but the front looks like just a splodgy mass of purple.

Or, as mum suggested, a flower border.

I made a much smaller rug several years ago, which now stands in front of the kitchen sink. That one I did as stripes - and the pattern is much clearer.

But I enjoyed this one much more, and managed to finish it in about six weeks.

It's made me realise that actually I love making these rugs! They take rather a lot of time, quite a lot of fabric, and I ended up constantly covered in frayed bits of old sheet, but there's something so soothing about bodging the bits of material through the holes, seeing the pattern grow, cutting sheets into strips, bodging and more bodging...

I think there'll be another one of these in the future :) But there's some other Christmas presents to finish first!


  1. "and rather than going in rows or anything sensible,"

    Now you don't want to be doing anything so daft as being sensible! You wouldn't be you then.
    That is such a stunning rug, can you post a "bodging" tutorial? although I don't have such colourful sheets, I'm sure I can dig some out of a charity shop somewhere.
    BTW my blog is up and running again if you are interested, it would be nice to see you pop in now and again

  2. Thanks Jennifer.
    My rug is now beside my bed and I just love it. Maybe, if I'm very lucky, I might get another one for the other side some time in the future! xx

  3. I love the way the colours blend in together, lovely & restful for a bedroom,

    Birmingham uk

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE PURPLE so LOVE LOVE the rug. I am with and would like to see a tutorial to know how this "bodging" is done. Can you just through it in the washer to clean the rug? Thanks for showing the photos. It is a Lovely rug. Emily in So. TX

  5. I absolutely love this rug daffs