Tuesday, 5 January 2010

More snow

Well, I know I promised no more snow pictures, but really, how can I resist?? And this is just a little nothing-much post to test out my return to the old blog editor - the new one pretty much defeated me yesterday!

This picture was actually taken yesterday, looking over the bowling green in the park as the sun was setting. The snow wasn't that deep there, and anyway, it's been melting and refreezing all week, and I thought we were seeing the last of it.

Well, this is the view from the living room window first thing this morning, and it hasn't stopped snowing since.

Obviously, that meant abandoning plans to rescue the van from the garage, and instead togging up and heading out for a Snowy Adventure. Or three Snowy Adventures, to be precise.

I never get bored of trees in the snow. This light isn't brilliant, because it was still snowing, and rather grey and gloomy, but I think the gravestones add to the atmosphere... (and is that far enough away to avoid being disrespectful??)

Anyway, I think tomorrow will bring more wanderings through the woods in the snow, and so probably more snowy pictures. There's also an awful lot of crafting going on round here, which I still can't reveal, and a fair bit of pondering plans for the year, and seeing friends.

There's also been a little bit of proper garden planning, like with a tape measure and graph paper (yes, in the snow), and even tracing paper. Like being back at school again. But I've got big plans for our tiny garden this year. I might even share this graph-paper-and-scribbles plan if I can get it to look vaguely recognisable.

If there's anyone out there keeping track (mother??), we've now been without central heating for 8 weeks and 4 days. Not that I'm counting. More on that later this week too.

But for now? More snowy trees I reckon.

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