Friday, 8 January 2010

Unexpected events

I snapped this picture when we went for a walk yesterday. It's taken from one of my favourite benches, not far from the house, quite high up, looking out over one of the valleys. I know I promised no more snow pictures, but I got home and realised I'd taken one from exactly the same place in the autumn, and it does show the seasonal changes rather nicely, don't you think?

(I'm afraid that after 3 weeks of snow on the ground - highly unusual for round here - I can't imagine ever being without snow again!)
This week has carried on in a mellow, relaxed way, as befits the final week of the holidays. A gradual sliding back towards work mode, with the decorations slowly coming down, a tiny bit of cleaning, and a bit of reorganisation ready for a few new routines.

There's been a couple of small unexpected events too. A phone call from Spain, from a friend I haven't spoken to for a long time. And on a cold, snowy night in the local shop, when I popped in for some milk (they didn't have any), a man ahead of me in the queue handed me a bunch of flowers. I never did figure out why, but it was exceptionally cheery, and they're easing the transition away from the winter festivities nicely.

See that bag? I found it, rummaging in a pile of fabric in a charity shop, and just had to have it, even though me and white, er, don't mix well, and it probably won't survive long. But it was 50p, it's handmade, by someone obviously trying out all the fancy stitches on a sewing machine far fancier than mine, and I couldn't resist.

I mean, look at those dogs!

My other handmade charity shop find this week was a bit more practical. Knee length, blue, thick, and warm.

(You'll have to excuse the slightly bizarre photograph, they only place in the house with enough light was standing against the living room window. And you'll have to excuse the chipped mug too - I painted it years ago, and it's been well used since then, and I'm going to keep it going as long as I can...)

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  1. I can completely understand how you couldn't leave the bag in the shop! And what a lovely man, to give you those flowers out of the blue!