Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Working and relaxing days 8 and 9

working, the view from the attic... 

and relaxing, with a lunchtime walk over the fields... 


  1. Hi there!

    just happened across your blog. Lovely pics and posts! I have a question, though, and that is what kind of rug making do you do? I do the traditional hooked rugs...or rag rugs as they were once called.

    Good luck with your PHD.

  2. Hi wendyytb!

    Rug making... I've never tried hooks, I've only ever done it with an old wooden dolly peg (clothes pen), whittled down a bit to make a kind of rounded point. Then bodged that through the holes with the rags on the end.

    That was an absolutely appalling description, sorry! :) I'll do a post about rug making one day, i promise....


  3. Ooh, just noticed from your profile that you do rug hooking! I'll pop over and read your blog properly soon when I get chance, I'd love to have a go at hooking. I believe my great grandmother made her entire hall, stairs and landing carpet hooking wool rugs...

    Look forward to reading about your exploits soon!