Sunday, 13 September 2009

Squeezing it in

Well, I'm bored of posting pictures of computers and laptops and piles of books and paper. That's what I look at all day every day (or that's what it feels like!), so I'm going with a few pictures of nice things for a while, and forgetting about the work, although obviously there's still a lot of that going on! 

So here's what I'm appreciating this week: 

Sunshine streaming into a (relatively tidy!) living room...

And, as ever, a gorgeous early morning walk over the hills... 

Sometimes I just can't believe how gorgeous this place is that we live in... 

Yesterday involved a good, old fashioned bit of spontaneity, which always rejuvenates me. Peter had his first gig with the Angel Brothers, who he's playing with for a few gigs this autumn. I couldn't go, it was in another town, Peter took the van, and left early afternoon, with me left at home working. 

At first, I was appreciating the solitude and peace and quiet :) I got a fair bit of work done, and planned an evening of more work, a bit of tidying up, and dozing off in front of a nice film. Then, as the afternoon wore on I started thinking about how nice it would have been to be there, and (and this does show just how mad I was going temporarily) whether it would be feasible to cycle there (the answer? It's 25 very hilly, dangerous miles over the moors, and it was on the verge of going dark, so no.)

Just as I was starting to get annoyed, a friend rang up to see if I wanted a pint. Somehow (must have been my lucky night) I managed to persuade him to drive us both to the gig! So a quick pasta tea, into some glad rags, and a drive over to a most marvellously excellent pub, The Globe for a fabulous evening of music and dancing and gorgeous friendly loveliness. 

The evening ended in the garden, with music and singing, and a very cold couple of hours kip in the back of the van. It's not all glamourous... 


  1. I love your sitting room. I am a red person too. I love the eclectic mix you have there, it's wonderful.

  2. It looks so comfy and inviting...the kind of room that I could sit in without worrying if I was mucking up "the look"

    thanks for sharing
    cheers Kate

  3. What compliments from both of you! :) It's Peter that's the red person really, I sneaked a yellow jug in there a couple of months ago....

    And it means so much that you think the room is inviting Kate :) And it really does get 'lived in' :)

  4. Hi Jenni (it is strange calling you that instead of Daffy). Loving your blog, Sorry I am stalking I know. How do I follow you on here? There is no follow button. Looking forward to reading and I have bookmarked you. The living room is just so cosy, I could curl up on the chair and have a good read.