Wednesday, 16 September 2009

A little bit of gardening and sewing

Well, it's about time for a couple of garden pictures, I think. This was meant to be a gardening blog, after all! I spotted these tomatoes on the way back from (another!) run this morning... The plant's toppled over though, so I'll have to get out there and tie it up soon. 

The roses are putting forth a bit of last minute enthusiasm in the front garden...

And the cabbages are, well, soldiering on, despite being eaten mostly to death by some little beasties. We do occasionally get small leaves if we get out there quick enough... 

And as a little break from writing last night, a friend came over for some sewing and a nice chat. As it happened, it turned into crochet, cake, chocolate and strawberries. And very nice it was too :) 

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