Friday, 1 July 2011

ooops, there I go again...

Oh dear, yes, that's another cafe.

Betty's in York this time, super-posh, queues out of the door, waitresses in aprons calling you 'madam' (madam indeed!), and £3 for a pot of tea.

Needless to say I don't go there very often!

But they are well known for their delectable cakes (and piano player, no less), and this was for *work*, don't you know, so I had to. No avoiding it at all. Absolutely none.

No cakes on this day for me though, it was SO hot, we'd walked a long way, and it was the middle of the working day (ahem), so lunch it was.

Poached eggs on toast (£5.95! Gosh) - with the toast cut into little triangles with the crusts cut off, no less. Very tasty it was too.

Just not too often...

anyway.... it's been absolutely GLORIOUS round here lately, it really has.

I've been walking around the hills and fields pretty much every evening I can, this is so close to home, and it's so quiet up there, you can see for miles, and watch the sun setting, and I always come back feeling so peaceful and like everything's right with the world.

Can't beat that feeling really.

Exciting weekend plans afoot here, mostly involving lazing around in the sunshine I hope. Hooray! Are you up to anything exciting?


  1. Hooray for Betty's (never been but hear great things of it), and peaceful walks. Love the photo of the horse in the setting sun, beautiful!

  2. Toast looks like it could have done with a couple more minutes?! ;-)
    Lucky you living somewhere so fantastic for walks - I'd be much more inclined to get out for walks if we had scenery like that! Enjoy your weekend plans - ours are broadly similar!

  3. Great minds think alike!

    No doubt we'll all think of each other while we're all doing broadly the same thing!!


  4. It all sounds lovely. I agree about the toast though it looks more like hot dry bread!

    Tomorrow I'm in West Bromwich with choir for a 'music and the deaf' workshop day. Looking forward to it but it'll be a long day. Then party Sunday, may or may not see you there :) x

  5. I'll be there on Sunday, hooray!

    I will indeed be thinking of you all while I potter round :)