Wednesday, 6 July 2011

oh! weekend!

The weekend started with a rainbow on the living room ceiling.

A bunch of garden wild flowers, herbs, er, assorted weeds, were galumphed across the city to a garden party (which housed much more beautiful flowers, but everyone was very nice about it)

I did manage to stop myself squealing with excitement on spotting the picnic table, but only just...

See that green stuff in the white bowl with the blue spoon? Fresh peas and cottage cheese. Try it - it's absolutely divine.


I'm also not sure how I managed to stop myself from eating ALL of those little fairy cakes, but I did.

Only just, mind you...

Sunday was a slightly less sedate affair, involving far more children - my youngest nephew's second birthday. Two, already! No idea how that happened (clearly - since I nearly won the World's Worst Auntie Award by FORGETTING his birthday...)

Lots of splooshing around in water, of course, and my eldest nephew, aged 5, asked if he could borrow my camera for a while...

Do you know, I might just do a whole post full of his photos, not only are they fabulous, but a cheery insight into what a 5 year old thinks is important ('I don't want to take pictures of people, Auntie Jenni, I'm taking pictures of things...')

LOTS of chocolate dinosaurs, of course (resulting in a few very chocolatey beards)

And fuzzy felt, and an impromptu beach on the living room floor..

Ooh, and speaking of beaches, a wrong turn on the way home found me at the seaside! I honestly don't know how it happened, really I don't, but I took full advantage of it and stomped around on the sand for a while. The sea was far too far away, and I felt a little like I was in a giant sandpit, but I'm pretty starved of beach round here, and I'll take anything I can get.

Oh I'd SO much love to live by the sea

I really don't know how it's taken me to Wednesday to get round to posting about the weekend, I had SUCH a lovely time, such a cheery variety of things happened, every one of them marvellous (yep, even falling asleep in the back of the car at the service station, that was marvellous too...).

and now it's nearly next weekend! And a wedding is looming (not mine, I hasten to add). Best dust off my party frock...


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  2. Lovely post and a beach! Hurrah! Your nephew clearly has a good eye and I loved the indoor beach :)