Saturday, 4 December 2010


I popped out into the front garden yesterday to investigate the snow, and found this - a rose, entirely encased in ice. Absolutely beautiful, the photo doesn't do it justice at all. I was tempted to bring it in and put it in the freezer to save for the summer, is that silly?? I'm not sure what I'd do with it in the summer!

When I was out there, I noticed an ENORMOUS icicle hanging off the front of the house. Very excited, I dashed back inside to announce my find, only to be met with dismay - obviously an enormous icicle right there means a non-working gutter...

I waved a broom handle threateningly at it (couldn't *quite* reach!), and this morning when I popped out, it had fallen off - fortunately not *on* anybody...

Anyway, what with all this snow and ice, I've declared today Christmas Preparation day - so cards, presents, decorations, holiday plans, and general festivities. I was given 3 free mince pies earlier, so that started me off nicely!

Off to wrap up warm for the trek into town...


  1. WOW! That is HUGE!Went I was little and we lived in Wisconsin, we always had nice, picture-perfect icicles that would hang outside the bathroom window. We had a great time when dad would open the window and let us each pick one. He would break them off and bring them in and put them in the bath tub for us to touch and enjoy (until it melted!) I wish we had a photo of that, it was fun!

    I hope you get lots of Christmas-y things done today. I am wrapping soap today and hopefully wrapping a few presents to (in gift bags I make)

    Sincerely, Emily

  2. That sounds lovely Emily! Good luck with your wrapping soap! I've got a lot of presents today, just need to sort, and then start on the ones that need to be made...

  3. What a whopper! We had an uh-oh ice sculpture yesterday too - a burst outdoor tap. Whoops! I turned off the nice new tap and had it all ready for winter, but forgot about the old one round the corner - it has poor pressure so I don't use it anyway. Well, now it is bust!

    I got the Christmas Decoration Box out of the loft today too - and realised we threw away the tree in our recent house move! So we need to go tree shopping soon!

  4. Oh dear sparklepetal! We seem to have lost our tree too! I suspect I might have agreed to get rid of it last year, but can't remember... so we'll be improvising this year I think! Good luck...