Sunday, 12 December 2010

Christmassy preparations

It's nearly Christmas, are you excited yet? I am, I love Christmas. Although this year, I'm feeling rather not-in-control of the preparations. Today I've had a minor breakthrough, and actually found the Christmas tree. I thought we'd thrown it away, so last year we had a 'mystic branch' instead. Today it just turned up in the cellar, must have been hiding all along. Pesky thing.

I haven't got a picture, because I also discovered that the fairy lights don't work. Eek! (should I tell you I managed to get a small electric shock trying to *make* them work while they were plugged in? Perhaps not...). So our poor tree looks rather dismal in the dark. I'm very much looking forward to putting lights on it tomorrow, I do love a tree with sparkly lights.

I've also been enjoying the festive baking in the bakery up the road. These enigmatic 'shortpaste shapes' have been given woolly hats and scarfs for the festive season, and rather jolly they look too.

The Christmas cards are nearly made, although I haven't written any of them yet. I've got some presents, but not all of them. I'm all prepared for travelling though, and on the Christmas party front, well, two down, three to go, and I'm currently in the middle of one that only three people turned up to (and they've now gone home). I'm glad of the rest!

The other thing I'm enjoying at the minute is our advent calendar. Look at the little animal pictures! We found this in a charity shop a few years ago, and it gets pulled out each year. Behind the windows are little animals, going about their Christmas preparations. It's all most cheerful.

Anyway, so here I am, with lots of leftover biscuits, and a large tasty cake, and two bottles of mulled wine, and only the two of us to finish it all off. What a job! But someone has to do it, I suppose. The candles are lit, and I'm listening to carols, and sewing linings for the living room curtains. A lovely and peaceful way to round off the weekend before a hectic week.

I hope your festive preparations are going well!


  1. Oooh lovely Christmassy photos, I love your cards x

  2. Great Christmas-cheer induced photos. Thanks for that! Your cards are wonderfully neat. I have been a bit slack for the past 2...3....maybe 4 years - haven't made cards. WAIT - I did make a few cards last year. No idea what happened this year. Life I guess. Since I am up to THREE Christmas decorations around the house - yup, went from 2 to 3 now, I am happy to see your post with lovely cheerful Christmas photos. Thanks Emily

  3. Our lights stopped working too - and we've a dodgy lookign collection of branches up in the livng room - we've a 'living' tree down in the utility room - but its too big to maneouvre upstairs - AND my lights stopped working too - what is it about this time of year?

    I'm loving the preparations at yours - very cheery!