Tuesday, 14 December 2010

breathing deep

Oooh, look at the sun on the snow. How sparkly and lovely. And a nice reminder of cheery things on a gloomy day.

I took this a couple of weeks ago, everything's rather muddy and wet round here now, not half as picturesque.

And it's not just the weather that's gloomy! I was pulled up short in the middle of the last of the Christmas shopping to be told the garage can't fix our car. Yep, that's right, we're driving 600 miles away in less than a week, and we have a car that won't go faster than 15 miles an hour. By my calculations, that means it's going to take us 40 hours to get there, which is quite a long time.

Might be quicker to dust off the bicycles!

Anyway, all is not quite lost, because the nice men at the garage sent me to a nice man at another garage, who said he would fix it before Monday. I dread to think how much it'll cost - especially since he now knows I'm rather desperate! Fingers crossed hey?

For now though, cards to be written, presents to be wrapped, tea to be drunk, and packing to be done - I'm off to London tomorrow!


  1. Eeeek, what a nightmare with the car so close to Christmas. Good luck it gets fixed quickly and for a nice low cost :-)

  2. Oh, I so hope your car can be repaired for a lot less than you think. Kind of puts a big damper on things when you actually want to use you car to get somewhere....especially that far away. Sincerely, Emily

  3. I hope it is feeling better soon! Gorgeous views by you!

  4. Thanks all, car's fixed now, just waiting for the weather to clear a bit!