Monday, 17 May 2010


Another full weekend, involving lots of doing and a fair amount of being.

:: I made a new skirt, because an adventurous weekend is always better with a new skirt

:: and then me and my new skirt went off to a wildlife garden open day at a local school

:: then we packed ourselves into the van (along with the new skirt, of course), and headed up to the Lake District to watch a friend run her first marathon. We also met up with some other friends, all known through the internet, and some met in real life for the first time! I managed to take almost no scenery photographs at all, just some of ducks...

... a rather large and very tasty bath bun (spot the new skirt!)...

... and our feet (yep, there's the skirt again!)

There was also the small matter of a 22 mile bike ride to Doncaster, and watching two marvellous live musical performances at a lovely community arts venue.

And today? Today is the first day I should have been at my old job, but I'm not, if you see what I mean :) So I'm very much enjoying it.

And doing lots of PhD work, of course.

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