Monday, 10 May 2010

a jigsaw path

Trying out the pattern of the stones before laying them properly
The path circling the sage

Tiny lettuces and a very windswept courgette plant

I've been out in the garden this week, despite the slightly grumbly weather. I repotted the cabbages, and decided that a few of the plants needed to be shunted out into the garden. As usual, this was a whimsical garden decision, not based on the best times for planting the plants, or the weather, or anything other than that there seemed to be a lot of seedlings in the living room...

So out the courgettes went, and the lettuces. But first, I wanted to do something about the stones. There's bricks and stones all over our tiny garden, some in piles, some just littering the ground.

I did use a few as stepping stones last summer to avoid standing on the soil, but they just weren't big enough to stand on and wield a shovel. So a path was in order, and a jolly nice path I think it turned out to be too.

I did once go on a dry stone walling course, and quite enjoyed fitting all the stones together like a jigsaw (albeit a very heavy one!). Not sure I'd like the teacher to see my path though! But I'm quite pleased with it all the same.

And I finally got round to harvesting the spouts this weekend too! There weren't very many at all, but they had a lovely peppery taste, and went very nicely in a risotto. I made up for the meagre amount of sprouts by slicing up a few of the leaves too.

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  1. I love your new paths, can't wait to see them in real life. Mum x