Monday, 3 May 2010


A long weekend, this one. A trip over to see family on Sunday was lovely, if a bit tiring, so today has been mostly restful, just a little pottering.

Oh, and my mum gave me pinking shears for my birthday, so I just had to make some bunting. Have you got any idea how difficult it is to photograph bunting?? Hmm, well, you'll have to imagine how festive it is, hanging in the attic. I'm enjoying it very much.

And we rounded the weekend off with a nice stroll through the park to watch the sunset. How lovely.


  1. Blundered onto your blog from your bread maker comment at Rhonda's place. Then wandered through your posts. Love your photos. Is that snow in the third 'weekend' pic? Seems you like food too. Umm another question: How did Peter know his nits and bolts waights were correct when your scales came without weights? Clever lad that! You should really skite about your PhD too!

  2. Hi Stafford Ray :)

    It's actually a far off reservoir in the third pic, not snow! We're all snowed out for this winter I reckon. I do indeed like food, well spotted :)

    As for the weights... well, we actually do have a set of digital scales... :) So yes, he is extremely clever, but can't guess weights just in his hands, sadly! Of course, the digital scales have now been relegated to the back of the cupboard.

    As for writing about the PhD - maybe once it's finished I might... ;)