Friday, 5 June 2009

A rainy Friday afternoon

The weather finally broke today, and now it's raining hard. I'm quite enjoying it. I love the spring sunshine, but after a few days I'm itching for a rain shower to wash the dust away. I've had a headache for most of the week, and the a good rain seems to have washed the fugginess away. Of course, it could always be because I've stopped thinking for a few hours... 

I've felt very locked up inside my own head this week, getting through work, but not really connecting. Was it the weather? No idea. But I was glad to see the rain anyway, it makes me want to be inside, up in the attic, not exactly wanting to write, but being a bit more inclined than when it's sunny. 

I've spent much of the week thinking about writing, and very much not getting on with it. I hate time like that! All of the space used up in your head, but none of the work done. Today something had to shift. We went out for a walk, and then I got myself up in the attic, listening to the rain, and decided I needed a project. 

With the sunshine in mind, Peter suggested a peg bag for when our outdoor washing line is finished. A nice way to use up some of the lovely yellow fabric from my birthday. It's not quite a conventional peg bag, and Peter insists it looks like a bra, but hey, these things sometimes just build themselves and you have to go with it :) 

We've since found a wooden hanger, which looks much nicer. Isn't that material gorgeous?

In amongst all the fuzziness this week, we had a lovely day on Thursday when my little sister got married :) A simple ceremony, a few guests, and lunch at the pub. It wasn't a dressy affair, but the weather man said it would be a bit cooler than the rest of the week, which gave a nice excuse for a new cardi :) 

This wasn't a pattern, just based on an idea from a book in a charity shop that I didn't buy. The wool is left over from a Dr Who scarf I knitted Peter for Christmas a couple of years ago. The needles are huge, 15mm, and I just cast on 25 stiches (ended up with 24 - oops!), and knitted every row until the ball ran out (it wasn't a full ball). Then I sewed up a couple of inches at each end for the sleeves (on the train on the way to the wedding - classy). 

I think it turned out quite nicely! I've got a few different colours in this wool, so I might experiment with a few different stiches when I'm not in such a rush - maybe one with longer arms?
Aside from all the moaning I've done this week, I have done other things. Made some more rhubarb and orange jam, which is fast becoming a staple in this house. I really should have planted some of my own rhubarb, I've got no idea why I didn't. The clematis in the garden has got a few gorgeous red flowers on, I'll post a picture when it's sunny. And we've actually managed to stick to our June food budget! (yes, I know, it's only the 5th!). 

It'll be a busy weekend - I'm helping to set up the LETS stall at a local small festival tomorrow morning - hopefully the weather will hold off for a while at least. And a few of our friends are playing in various bands there throughout the day. On Sunday a local woman is running a women's bike ride, which I'd love to go on - I haven't been out on my proper bike since last year. But there's work to be done, and I've put it off all week, so unless I gain an extra day between now and Sunday morning, it's looking unlikely. Just goes to prove you need to prioritise, or you'll miss out. Lesson learned (for now).

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