Sunday, 27 June 2010

a nice rest

Well, this is what we spent most of Friday doing - feet in the water, idly staring up and down the river, and occasionally watching a duck or two. This week seems to have flown past without much to report, although a couple of things have made it as far as the computer but not quite as far as the blog yet... Will endeavour to catch up with myself this week though!

It's all van talk around here at the minute, our poor little post van is on her way out, and we won't be driving her any more after the middle of July. I've been taking more interest in vans than I ever thought possible, let alone healthy. I've still not quite reconciled myself to how a van fits in with a pretty simple and frugal lifestyle. We do live in a major city after all. Quite a large proportion of my income is spent keeping her running, and you could probably argue that we could get away without a vehicle at all. However, we will be replacing her, albeit with a smaller, cheaper, more efficient van, with much lower fuel consumption, that takes up less space, is more reliable, has much less character, and is probably far less fun.

It's pretty fair to surmise that I'm rather sad about losing our van... but I didn't mean to waffle on about that today! I'll do a proper post later in the week when we might know more about the replacement.


  1. Oh Jenni, I'm really sad that your van is on its last legs - you'll have to give it a good send off when it finally pops off!!!
    Good luck with van searching - we were looking at getting one for a while but not sure if its quite feasible at the moment so just hanging onto my very boring car!! A new van would have been handy as a mobile hedgehog hospital or something after our job conversation! Ha ha :-)

  2. Well, if you're after a van I know where there's one going cheap! ;)