Tuesday, 29 June 2010

eating from the garden

the first proper strawberry harvest

and there's still some left!

lettuce, mint, and rocket

Things have been getting rather exciting in the garden round here lately. All the lettuce planted in the ground was eaten by slugs, of course, but the ones I sensibly planted in pots are pretty much ready to harvest, and in fact I did just that at the weekend. The mint, as predicted, is overtaking everywhere, and I'm trying to overcome my general dislike of anything minty to invent a variety of things to do with it (not that I invented the idea of having mint with new potatoes, mind you!).

And the strawberries! Last year I only got a couple of measly, half munched ones, but this year, they've blossomed and taken over half of the front garden. I picked a good handful on Sunday, and there's plenty still ripening. I don't think we'll have enough for jam, but we'll certainly have enough for a bowlful to share at the weekend. And I'm starting to think I wouldn't mind if they *did* take over the entire garden - they've been so easy to grow, even for me, and just *so* tasty, that maybe I'd be happy if that was all I ever grew....

There are a few courgettes ripening, the rocket's starting to take off, and the broad beans are showing some signs of enthusiasm (although admittedly not many). I don't think we'll be harvesting rhubarb this year, tempting though it is, I think it needs to settle (although maybe just one or two sticks...). The peas have succumbed to the slugs, more's the pity. But the rainbow chard is doing well, I've got far too many cabbages for the space available, the sage is nearly as big as me, and there are aphids taking over my orange blossom that will just *have* to be dealt with before they start infesting the things I actually want to eat.

All in all, the garden's a little bit of a handful at the minute!

But I'm pretty adept at ignoring its protestations, of course.

(and as an aside, in case you were wondering, the knitting is continuing, it came away with me at the weekend, and travels backwards and forwards on the train each day I go to work. A few more inches to go on the body, then we start grappling with double pointed needles to make the sleeves...)


  1. OH WOW what beautiful strawberries. Mine are over and done. It is just too hot here now. But they never really "did their thing." They were VERY tiny but FULL of flavor. I will try again next year. We just had several weeks of good tomatoes, now they are working on producing more. The zucchini's didn't do well. Something munched away at the main stem and the plant really suffered. One plant still has 2 developing so I will hold out and see what happens. All the other plants have been pulled up. What a refreshing photo and what beautiful clear water to rest your feet in. Emily in South Texas

  2. Thanks Emily! I'm laughing at the thought of it being too hot for strawberries - and there's us all flaking out and being useless, and it's probably just the equivalent of a cool spring day to you over there... Munching of stems happened with my peas too sadly, although there's some more in a pot I might plant out when I get chance.

    I do love sticking my feet in water, it really is one of the best things in life :)