Sunday, 14 March 2010

sunday morning

Lots of pictures of cakes this morning. Not that I've eaten all of these cakes this morning - oh no, in fact, I haven't eaten any cake this morning at all. These are all Women's Institute Cakes, cakes made by the gorgeous ladies of our local Saturday morning country market. As anyone who's visited me in the last few years will tell you, I love our country market, and pretty much every Saturday morning can be found sitting happily among the cakes and gingham and jam, drinking tea or home made lemon cordial, reading the paper, nattering away and generally waking up slowly.

Our country market is in a scout hut, and I love it for the simplicity of it, for the amount of cakes, for the fact that people queue up outside at 9am to get the best cakes, because I can listen in to the conversations of the old people who always sit at the same table in the corner, every week, because my friends all know I can be found there every Saturday, so various people often pop in and out, and one cheery friend gets introduced to another cheery friend, and new friendships are born.

All the food is hand made, there's always plenty of local stuff there too, people bring produce from their gardens, and things they've knitted, bags they've made, jewelry and things for the garden. We're such a regular feature that they know our names now, and ask our friends where we are if we don't turn up. They call us the young people. Hmm. They ask when I'm going to start making cakes to sell (I don't have the heart to tell them my kitchen probably wouldn't pass the hygiene inspection. Ahem.)

Anyway, what's the point of all this rambling? Well, only that it's Sunday now, and so I can't go to the market for another week, even though I'd very much like to today, since I woke up rather grumpily this morning, and some tea and a nice bun would go down Very Nicely Indeed.

Oh well, Sundays have their advantages too I suppose, although they often feel rather too close to Monday morning for my liking. I'm off to do a very small bit of spring cleaning, things round here are starting to look a bit grubby now the sun's shining... And I want to plant some seeds today too, I'm imagining lots of gorgeous and tasty things in the garden this year, and haven't got round to planting anything at all yet. So, a day of doing, but Cheery Doing, pottering, if you like, a bit of knitting, and maybe even a proper Sunday dinner. Maybe.

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