Thursday, 8 January 2009


What with new year and snow and freezing coldness, and starting back at work, I've not got round to much gardening yet this year. 

I managed to get out for 15 minutes this afternoon - not much but you can actually get quite a lot accomplished, and it saves waiting for that mythical time when you'll have the entire morning free. I've been collecting green bin bags - the ones that get collected by the council for free. Last time I managed to fill 18 - which in my tiny garden is quite impressive. I've only got one left now though, so I thought I'd fill that. 

There's one patch of soil under the reaches of the fuchsia which is still battling the remnants of the jungle of periwinkle. This is fairly easy to remove, and quite satisfying, since you can clear quite a space in a few minutes. I've dug out a few roots, but there's still plenty to go, along with the small stump of a sycamore sapling I cut down last week - this garden isn't big enough for proper trees... 

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