Friday, 26 December 2008

Getting started

Well, this is my attempt at keeping track of my gardening exploits. I've lived here for just over a year, and managed to cut down a few things, and grow perpetual spinach and rainbow chard - everything else was eaten before I got to it...

Our garden is small, along two sides of the house and edges straight on to the pavement, so no privacy at all, but is quite good for getting to know the neighbours. There's a HUGE lilac, a huge and ancient fuscia, a large leylandi of some sort, and an assortment of many other prickly, vigorous, non-edible things... I've cleared the 3 foot of 1st-floor-to-ground honeysuckle that was blocking the path and the kitchen window, and you can now see the concrete path at the side of the house.

This area at the side of the house is raised to waist height off the pavement, but the front area is level with the pavement (we're on a hill). All of it is full of rubble, with not much top soil in most places - although what is there looks very rich and dark. 

The above picture is the side area some time this summer - the whole of that path was completely covered with branches before. All the things in the pot have been eaten by slugs! You can just see the lilac on the left, and the fuscia a bit further along. We get a lot of enjoyment watching the birds on the bird table outside the kitchen window! 

I'm just getting the hang of this blogging lark, so I'll add more pictures as I get used to it. 

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