Sunday, 7 August 2011

sunday morning

Generally Sunday mornings in this house are pretty lazy. Breakfast in bed, perhaps a call to or from a friend to suggest meeting up for lunch, then a mid morning, mid afternoon trip to a cafe, or a friend's house, to drink tea and while away a few hours nattering and plotting.

Today I woke relatively early, and sneaked downstairs. The house was pretty tidy, which is rather unusual, but felt good.

We don't have much of a view from our kitchen, and the sun only hits the window early in the morning, and I often miss it. Today I didn't.

It feels like a day for an adventures.

Getting-things-done adventures, these, though. Doing-of-things-that-have-been-hitherto-put-off adventures.

I've been inspired this morning, in a roundabout kind of a way, by a lovely friend who I met through the internet, and who I've only spoken to once in real life, over several cups of tea in a cheery little cafe (of course) at the seaside. I ambled over the fence to her blog over breakfast, and found this beautiful post, talking about following your dreams, in which, right there at the end, she says this cheery little blog is inspirational. I'm blushing! How utterly wonderful, and what a lovely thing to wake up to!

So I figured I'd best get on and do something inspirational, if you can call digging holes and visiting the DIY shop inspirational, that is, or else I'll be thought of as a fraud!

And so, my tea is in hand, my wellies are on, and I'm heading out into the garden to level the soil, ready for laying my pavings. I've not eaten Sunday breakfast out there, but I very much intend to eat my tea sat on that patio later this evening.

(of course, that involves a trip to the garden centre, laying pavings, building a fence and numerous other things, so we'll see, but that's my intention!)

There's also bikes to fix, and presents to make and wrap (just in case you thought it was turning into a little bit too much of a building site round here).

Progress report, with photos, later....


  1. HA! glad you liked the post. You truly are inspirational. There are very few people that I know in life that can get as much done as you and still find the time to drink so much tea.
    Enjoy Sunday and I really hope that you get to have tea on the patio