Friday, 5 November 2010

Oh, the seaside!

Well, would you look at that! Just look at my feet, splishing and splashing in the sea! How utterly splendid, I must say, if a little on the chilly side. But you can't go to the seaside and not paddle, even if it is November. Socks off, I say!

Apparently, the done thing in Aberystwyth is to touch the bar at one end of the prom with your feet, then walk all the way to the other end and do the same thing there. We managed the first end, then got a little distracted by a castle, a lost child (who was fortunately found not long after), and a cake stall (a Women's Institute cake stall, no less! Just like the one we have here, but without the cafe).

Ooh, doesn't it just lift the spirits to see the sea? It certainly lifted mine, it's been a while since I've been to the seaside!

Anyway, a thoroughly marvellous weekend was had by all, despite some rather grim weather. No ice creams either, but plenty of good food and cheery putting the world to rights.

And on Sunday, an able up the road to another little beach, a rather blustery one, which was very beautiful nevertheless. Even more so as the sun was starting to set over the sea.

And would you just look at that sunset? This was taken from the window of the living room of the house we stayed in, looking out over the town and the sea. How jealous was I? Only a teeny, tiny little bit. Sadly our friends are moving out of this house in a couple of weeks, and it was all I could do not to jump right in and offer to take it on myself.

But my sensible side won out, unusually, and we came back to our own house, which is, after all, rather cheery in itself, although I haven't *quite* forgiven it for not giving me a view of the sun setting over the sea...


  1. How lovely to get your toes into the water wonderful photos................where's that lighthouse? I really need to visit Aberyswth now don't I? Thanks!! You've inspired me x

  2. Don't tell me there was a lighthouse in Aberystwyth and I missed it?? What a fool! And yes, Aberystwyth is lovely, but was 4 hours drive away from ME, so it'd probably take you a good couple of days! I'm sure you've got a closer, equally lovely beach :) xx

  3. Well now I'm annoyed....
    Joe is from Aberystwyth and we go there all the time and he's NEVER told me about the bar thing!! I just asked him if it was true and he said it was and I cant believe I didnt know about it until now!! I've never even seen the bar!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!!!
    I know its probably not the most interesting thing in the world but if its the done thing I NEED to do it - you have to get into the spirit of these things dont you?
    Glad you had a good time though - your photos look lovely! xxx

  4. PS That's a monument by the castle by the way, you didnt miss a lighthouse!!!!

  5. Oh dear Heather, you do indeed have to get into the spirit! (you'll have to touch the second bar a spare time for us!).

    I didn't think there was a lighthouse - but I'm entering a competition to get a photo in the 2012 Trinity House Lighthouse Calendar, and didn't want to have inadvertently missed one! :)

  6. There is indeed a lighthouse in Aberystwyth! Now dont get too excited, check out to see it. It is at the other end of the prom heading towards the lifeboat station.
    Was that Ynyslas beach that you went out to on the Sunday? Thats the beach I often say I am heading out to. I didnt know about the bar. Will have to give it a go now.

  7. Thank you for the stroll on the beach. It was wonderful. Great photos! Sincerely, Emily