Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Holidays at home

I'm not entirely sure any of these pictures do justice to the light and the snow we've had this week. Just before it goes dark, which is about 4pm around here these days, we've been heading out to the fields for a wander, looking at footprints, the sky, and the crazy patterns the thawing-then-freezing snow and ice has been making.

And admiring the velcro-like-stickiness of my new stripey gloves, of course :)

There's been a couple of pangs at being at home instead of on holiday, but we got over those fairly quickly, mostly by doing lots of holiday related things at home instead. And actually, home is great when you get to be at home, rather than dashing in and out on the way to doing other things.

So there's been a fair bit of crafting, mostly in front of cheesy festive films, because (of course) I haven't finished making all those beautiful hand made Christmas presents yet - sorry dear family! I'll be done soon!

And there's been a little bit of sitting in cafes reading new books, because that's what you do when you're on holiday at home (on holiday anywhere in fact). Don't you love the giant bottles of 'non-brewed condiment' on every table??

And if all that excitement wasn't enough... here's reason 4235 why it's-probably-a-good-thing-that-we-didn't-go-on-holiday-after-all:

Yep, that's our poor little van on the back of a breakdown truck. Fortunately, we weren't in the wild snowy wastelands of Scotland, but at a garage on the way back from visiting Peter's family.

And, wise to the possibility of such events, we had tea, a picnic, a hot water bottle, spare gloves, books to read and a quilt, so the hour we spent waiting for the lorry was actually a rather pleasant one :)

Ah well, back to it. More sneakly glimpses of Christmassy craft projects to come this week, and I'll try to stop posting pictures of the snow...

(oh, and there's a couple of people who've asked what the swirly thing was in the last post - yep, I got a proper old spirograph for Christmas, and I'm wondering what exciting projects I can use my long-lost swirly-pattern-making skills for!)


  1. You could design your own swirly embroidery patterns and embroider lots of lovely things!

  2. I love the fact that you see beauty in such things that others would just not see. Also you usually see the positive side of a negative situation.