Friday, 9 October 2009

Colourful goodness

Just a quick pop in to say I'm not popping in much these days... 16 days to go, and counting...

But that's not very interesting, so I'm going to talk about a fab, marvellous blog that someone put me on to the other day - Attic 24 Such colourful, fabulous, crochet-y goodness! I can't stop looking at it ! (although I have to, writing to do and all that).

Anyway, all that colour has inspired me to colourfulness myself. Not to crochet, because there just isn't time for creating and messing around at the minute, as important as that is. But to colour.

I've been whipping my camera out at every opportunity over the last few days, and here's the colourful result.

Cakes at a tiny harvest festival:

Looking up out of the kitchen window:

Light on the grass in the park:

The gorgeous old green bucket Peter brought home last week, sitting on my gorgeous blue garden bench, and newly planted with garlic, rocket, and rainbow chard:

Acer leaves, cut, er, months ago when they were red, and slowly turning golden orange on the living room windowsill (I'm pretending they're still there because of the colour):

One of many piles of red books in the living room:

Red cushions in the sunshine on the floor of the living room (can you see a theme?):

A bowl of red cheeriness, also on the living room windowsill:

I enjoyed that! :)

Well, back to it..

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