Saturday, 25 July 2009

A spot of gardening

I've been out in the garden tonight, after another week of staring at a computer screen. A bit of repotting of some basil (look at that purple ruffle basil!), and some harvesting of herbs, which are taking over the garden. I'm really pleased about this, with such a small garden it's hard to find any crop that we could grow all our needs of, but with herbs we can, and these ones my mum bought a few months ago have really done well. I'm going to try freezing a few.

The cabbage was a bit of a surprise. I'd planted it last year, put it outside ready to pot out, and then completely forgot about it. This spring it started to grow again, after being completely ignored for months and months. Planted it in the garden, and just got round to harvesting some (slug eaten) leaves this evening. We're having it for tea tonight, although so far it's tasting a bit tough and bitter. Maybe I should have picked it a bit earlier... 

Anyway, in the midst of all the work this week, there have been some lovely times too. My old office mate, who started his PhD at the same time as me, graduated this week. Another friend who now lives in Durham visited, and we had a lovely evening of catching up. Last night I spent some time at a friend's wedding, then had a late night cuppa with another couple of friends. And today we sat by the river at Bakewell, drinking tea and reading. How lovely, and just what I needed. 

I got a bit bogged down in tidying up this afternoon, but fortunately remembered just in time to stop and blow a few bubbles. 

There should always be time for some silly fun! 


  1. I love Bakewell, such a lovely place and the monday market is fabulous.


  2. You are sooooo right! ALWAYS make time for silly fun :0)